Getting to know the SIMBA team | TES-Recupyl

To know the project and activities better, we present a series of interviews with our project partners in which they will provide insights in their personal motivations and their experiences and tasks in the project.




This interview takes place with Farouk Tedjar





What was your original motivation to become a researcher?
After initial carrier in battery industry as engineer, a lot of questions every day without answers!  Then I decided to make 2 PhD and become researcher in the segment of batteries.

What is your research area today?

After working 20 years on battery devlopment and improvement ( first part of life battery) I shifter to recycling (end of life batteries). But knowing batteries from the inside research is orientated to deconstruction used batteries and making new batteries to close the loop.

What do you like the best about your work?
Challenge of innovation, contact with other researcher in other field to open mind, offering modest sustainable contribution to the society.

How did you get involved in SIMBA and what is your main task/activity?
Thanks to previous success in former EU projects, we kept a good efficient network.
Task and main activity is recycling the new chemistry of targeted batteries and offering solution in closed loop for resource conservation with lower CO2 impact as possible.

Why is your company ideal for the research/activities in SIMBA?
Our company is involved in Battery recycling since 20 years in Europe and 15 years in Singapore.
Ideally we wish to be always present in the new generation of advanced batteries to be able to offer always solutions to the market.

What impact do you think the SIMBA technology will have?
Several impacts are noticed between discovery of new chemistry and test the robustness of our recycling mechano-chemical concept and meting new skill through the consortium.

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