Planned & Achieved

The results of the SIMBA project will be documented in reports. The overview below shows the planned reports divided over the different topics. When a report is available, the document can be accessed by clicking on the title. Please note that when a report contains confidential information, only the public summary will be available.

Specification of KPIs and use cases including reuse and recycling

  • Stationary Energy Storage – Use Cases and Requirements
  • Regulations and Standards Review
  • Supply chain analysis & materials sourcing for manufacturing (Public Summary)
  • Recycling and Reuse (Public Summary)
  • Full process flow of material, manufacturing, reclamation and repurposing (Public Summary)


Lab scale material and process development

  • Optimized ceramic anode support identified and tested at coin cell level (Public Summary)
  • Optimized hard carbon tested at coin cell level (Public Summary)
  • Prussian white cathode optimized and tested at coin cell level (Public Summary)
  • Optimized P2/O3 layered oxide tested at coin cell level (Public Summary)
  • Identification of the most suitable SIPEs for WP3 and WP4 (Public Summary)
  • Round robin test with developed electrodes, electrolyte and cell process showing stability > 300 cycles (Public Summary)

 Ion transport and interface properties

Electrode and cell assembly

Cell performance testing, module design and demonstration

  • Report on industrial size cell (1 Ah) test results (Public Summary)
  • BMS developed, both SW and HW characteristics (Public Summary)
  • Design of 12 V 1 Ah modules including a hybrid one (Public Summary)
  • 4 modules of 12 V 1 Ah each assembled (Public Summary)
  • Module testing results
  • Hybrid demo module assembled and tested (Public Summary)


Circular economy cell and material lifecycle design

  • Deliver process for 80% of materials to be reclaimed from the base-line cell (Public Summary)
  • Deliver process for 80% of materials to be reclaimed from the solid-state cell (Public Summary)
  • Develop a safe storage, transport and opening protocol for the solid- state batteries at end of life
  • Demonstrate the reclamation of the anode and cathode from a solid-state cell, and the re-use in a battery (Public Summary)
  • Techno-economics and Life Cycle Analysis including environmental impact of full-size industrial capacity unit (Public Summary)


Dissemination, exploitation, communication and data management

Project management and coordination

  • Project Handbook (Public Summary)
  • Initial Risk Management plan (Public Summary)
  • Data management plan (draft) (Public Summary)
  • Final Risk Management plan (Public Summary)