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The SIMBA project will develop a novel class of low-cost, high performance battery cells based on high capacity and high energy density materials. Targeted pack costs are expected to fall below 0.04€/kWh/cycle gaining a competitive advantage over competing technologies including LIB and redox flow batteries. Having an experienced LIB manufacturer as partner will benefit the route to exploitation. SAFT has a dedicated post Li-ion group established that is focusing on SIB in the last couple of years. The SAFT incubator department is working with industrial equipment able to scale-up the processes for electrode and prototype cell manufacturing defined by SIMBA. By working in close relationship with SAFT it is possible to accelerate the manufacturing of new generation SIB prototypes and draw out the route to exploitation. Furthermore, the presence of high strength partners in stationary energy storage supply (Yunasko) and an Advisory Board with end users (EnBW and Leclanche) will strengthen SIMBA’s the exploitation strategy

The SIMBA project will place special emphasis on disseminating tangible exploitable results at the right time, that are in line with the European Commission 2050 strategy on net-zero GHG emissions, targeted to the relevant audience.

A logo and thumbnail has been developed for the project, both will be to disseminate the project.

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Press Contact:
Arjo Roersch van der Hoogte
+3115 275 4000