Get to know Ralf Riedel from TUDa_RR

January 2021

To know the project and activities better, we present a series of interviews with our project partners in which they will provide insights in their personal motivations and their experiences and tasks in the project.









What was your original motivation to become a researcher? What is your research area today?
My motivation to become a researcher was my strong interest to discover new science and to develop new knowledge in the field of natural sciences. My research area today is focused on materials synthesis with emphasis on advanced ceramics and ceramic nanocomposites for structural and functional applications.

What do you like the best about your work?
As professor at a university, I consider my personal freedom in research and teaching as well as the opportunity to work with young students, PhD students and Postdocs as the most attractive feature of my work.


How did you get involved in SIMBA and what is your main task/activity?
Our group initiated the proposal topic and the consortium SIMBA and I am honoured to coordinate this exciting cooperative European project.

Why is your company ideal for the research/activities in SIMBA?
We are a university research institute and predestined for generation of basic knowledge in the field of SIMBA.

What impact do you think the SIMBA technology will have?

Our Motto is “Future will be made by Materials”, which is in particular valid for SIMBA. We believe that with new materials we will make significant progress in the further development of advanced energy storage devices for stationary applications based on Na-ion battery technology.

Figure 3. Project Coordinators, Dr. Prof. Ralf Riedel on the left, Dr. Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac on the right.


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