Altris was founded in 2017 Altris to specialise in the development of a highly sustainable cathode material for rechargeable sodium batteries.
Our cathode material, Fennac®, is made entirely from materials that are available in abundance and at low cost—iron (Fe) air (N), seawater (Na) and wood (C). This means that a Fennac® battery contains no toxic elements, there are no conflict-metals or geo-political sourcing issues and it is very easy to recycle. We have also developed a ground-breaking and patented method for producing Fennac®, that produces at close to 100% yield, whilst only using an extremely low amount of energy.
Fennac® is not only outstandingly sustainable – and remarkably safe – but also enables batteries that perform superbly in a wide temperature range, in terms of power, energy-density and cycle life. All at a competitive price.

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Altris is really excited to be part of SIMBA to see how our cathode material can be part of the next generation of green solid states batteries. Green batteries are at the core of Altris and we think SIMBA can bring out the best from our material