Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Slovak Academy of Sciences

The scientific activity of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) is focused to the research of the inorganic and bioinorganic systems suitable for design of new materials and/or technologies in the field of ceramics, molten systems, and hydro silicates. The main activities at the Department of ceramics are research and development of oxide and nonoxide engineering and functional ceramics, their preparation and characterisation – mainly microstructure, chemical and phase composition (SEM, TEM, EELS, EDX, RTG, IR) and mechanical properties (strength, HV, KIC).

The primary interest is devoted to understanding the relations between microstructure and mechanical properties of ceramics and composites. Microstructural design of a new type of multifunctional composites including the in-situ modification of grain boundaries and development of technology for the preparation of ceramic composites with homogeneous distribution of CNTs or graphene has also been studied with respect to the functional properties of ceramics.

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We participate in the SIMBA-project, because we would like to contribute to the development of novel Na-ion batteries. Moreover, the development of novel batteries is strongly supported by the Slovak government and by the Slovak Academy of Sciences. We will contribute to the SIMBA-project by the development of novel ceramic anode materials with tailored porosity and by the evaluation of the structural material evolution during electrochemical cycling (in operando measurements), which provides an exclusive optimization feedback for the further development of battery materials.