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The University of Birmingham leads Professors Emma Kendrick and Peter Slater are co-directors of the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage and have extensive experience in electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices, in particular Fuel cells and Li- and Na- based batteries. Prof Kendrick’s research over last decade (in industry and academia) has led to the translation of several material chemistries to cell and demonstrators, whereas Prof Slater has developed novel material stabilisation techniques for the implementation of materials in devices. Recent work within the centre for energy storage by both groups, has made significant steps towards a cost-effective reclamation and recycling for lithium-ion batteries. SIMBA provides the unique opportunity to provide support in developing a new sodium-ion battery technology based on earth abundant materials for a sustainable future. We will build upon the skills and experience of the research team here at Birmingham to develop this as a sustainable battery. Investigating methods to maximise the life-time of the technology and developing new recycling techniques for re-use and remanufacture.

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The University of Birmingham is really excited to be part of SIMBA and to be involved with this exciting new technology, working across the battery development value chain with pioneering industrial and academic partners.