In the BAT-8 SIMBA project, UNR will participate in WP7 and will lead WP8. In WP7 partners will provide inputs such as links to their own company websites, press releases and will comment on the functions and content of the project website. UNR will coordinate the preparation of the dissemination plan and organize the final event (milestone). UNR will prepare and distribute the project newsletters, collect all dissemination actions, and maintain the dissemination tracker and database. Partners will provide input for the newsletters, on the dissemination activities performed and for the dissemination plan. WP8 is the coordination management work package. It is the task of the project management to ensure compliance of project execution with the objectives set forward in the Grant Agreement, the Consortium Agreement, and the relevant annexes. To achieve this, project management will maintain communication with all partners and the European Commission. The project management is understood on two levels with (1) coordination and (2) administrative project management. The coordinator focuses on the technical execution of the work according to the project planning.