SIMBA at the 3rd Sodium Battery Symposium

26-27 September 2022 in Berlin, Germany

The SIMBA project was well represented at the third scientific symposium on Sodium-ion Batteries (SIBs), held in Berlin 26/27 September 2022.

  • Ivana Hasa (Warwick University) presented some the objectives of the SIMBA project and its first milestone, the development of the baseline cell.
  • Furthermore, Dr. Reza Younesi (Uppsala University) and Prof. Dr. Stefano Passerini mentioned SIMBA in their presentations.
  • Finally, Edina Sic (TU Darmstadt) presented a poster including SIMBA first results.

On the SBS. Research on SIBs gained a lot of momentum in the last years and is fueled by press releases of several companies around the world on using the technology for stationary energy storage and electric mobility.  After events in Jena (SBS-1, 2018) and Dresden (SBS-2, 2021) a third symposium took place in Berlin (SBS-3). The scientific symposium focused on recent trends and discoveries on:

  • Electrodes and electrolytes for sodium-ion batteries
  • Solid electrolytes / solid-state batteries
  • Intermediate and high temperature Na batteries
  • Towards commercialization